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From single less-than-container load shipments (LCL) to complete multi-country consolidation solutions, REAL LOGISTICS is at hand to meet all your ocean transportation needs.

We offer LCL (Less than Container Load) services for those shipments that are small in volume and weight and cannot utilize the capacity of a Full Container Load (FCL). We pack your cargo separately and group several such packages together in accordance to their destination after ensuring compatibility with other cargo. The cargo is then transshipped to its final destination. Our fixed weekly stuffing and loading schedule for major destinations worldwide helps customers plan their shipments well in advance. We pride ourselves on providing you with consistently high quality solutions, responsive service and competitive rates.


Full flexibility

  • Using our extensive global network and dedicated LCL specialists in key markets, our services cover almost every origin and destination through more than 10,000 corridors worldwide.
  • With regular departures and fixed container freight station closings, we ensure personal service and attention to detail from pick-up to destination delivery.


Consolidate shipments and save time and money

  • With our multi-country consolidation service, we can consolidate multiple LCL shipments from different shippers and origins into one full-container load (FCL) shipment. This gives you lower transit costs and fixed transit times using weekly sailings and smooth connections to the final destination.
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